Important Announcement

10. březen 2022

Czech Radio and the Academy of Classical Music, in their capacity as the co-organisers of Concertino Praga – the Antonín Dvořák International Radio Competition for Young Musicians, have decided that they  will not accept any applications for the 2022 competition sent or administered by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company as a response to the aggression of the Russian Army and its incursion into the territory of Ukraine.

This decision constitutes an expression of solidarity with the inhabitants of Ukraine, who are facing an unprovoked invasion by Russian forces in the territory of their sovereign state. VGTRK is a propaganda arm of Vladimír Putin’s regime. We are aware that the young and no doubt highly talented musicians from the Russian Federation do not bear any blame for unleashing the conflict within the territory of Ukraine. However, the fact that this institution administers the applications of any Russian competitors sent to the Concertino Praga competition and the authorities at this television and radio station select the successful Russian candidates has forced us to implement this unpleasant measure.

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