The Matejča–Schulmeister Duo

23. květen 2023

The Matejča-Schulmeister Duo is one of the finalists of Concertino Praga 2023.

The Matejča–Schulmeister Duo was established on the basis of a meeting of the two young performers in the final round of solo category at the Concertino Praga competition in 2020. In addition to a friendship, this saw the genesis of the idea to cooperate together. Given the long-lasting pandemic situation, however, their initial plans had to be put on hold until a more favourable time. At present, the two performers play regular concerts and are thus now fulfilling their original resolution. Daniel is a student at the Prague Conservatoire and the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the classes of František Souček and Ivan Štraus. Jan is studying at the P. J. Vejvanovský Conservatoire in Kroměříž in Martina Schulmeisterová’s class. They are both excellent solo performers with a series of prestigious awards to their names.

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