Darin Lambrev

16. květen 2024

The Concertino Praga 2024 competition's semifinal lineup includes Bulgarian violoncellist Darin Lambrev.

Darin Lambrev was born in Sofia on 7 February 2010, into the family of the theatrical director Nikolaj Lambrev and the sculptor Ogniana Vakavlieva. He began playing the piano and the violoncello at the age of five. In 2015, he successfully entered the Liubomir Pipkov National School of Music to study the violoncello. He continued to study the piano as his second instrument. In October 2023, he was accepted into the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, into the class of Romain Garioud. He has actively participated in classes by Peter Somodari (2018, 2021) and László Fenyö (2019, 2022) as part of the Allegra Festival. He has also participated at ISA masterclasses for string players in Semmering, Austria (2022) and in masterclasses for cellists as part of the Chieti Classica International Music Festival in Italy (2023) under Romain Garioud. He has performed as a soloists with orchestras since the age of eleven. Since 2022, he has played with the Sforzato piano trio, the youngest professional trio in Bulgaria. He has received more than twenty, first, second and main prizes.

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