Duo Mráček–Pěruška

29. duben 2021

The winner of Concertino Praga 2021 in chamber category is Duo Mráček–Pěruška from Czech Republic.

The Mráček–Pěruška duo was established in the autumn of 2019 when its members undertook a trip to New York thanks to a joint program run by the Prague Conservatory and the New York Steinhardt University. In addition to participating at master classes and seminars, the duo also performed at a concert at the Czech consulate. Both performers prepared a solo repertoire and a duet for violin and violoncello for this occasion. Since then, they have continued playing together. The international pandemic has meant that they have been unable to carry out more performances with the exception of one online performance at the Culture in the Heart of Prague (Kultura v srdci Prahy) Festival, where they played in the concert hall of the Prague Conservatory. Kristian Mráček and David Pěruška have been studying at the Prague Conservatory since 2018, both have participated in various national and international competitions and they have already attained several successful finishes and completed a number of solo performances.

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