Fabian Johannes Egger

22. květen 2023

German flautist Fabian Johanees Egger will be the only representative of the winds in the final of Concertino Praga 2023.

Fabian Johannes Egger was born in 2007. He has studied at the Leopold Mozart Institute for the Encouragement of Talented Students at the Mozarteum University Salzburg since 2016 and has also been a student of Professor Andrey Lieberknecht in Munich since 2020. In recent years, he has won a number of first prizes at national and international competitions. He has been invited to a number of festivals as a guest performer, including Mozartwoche Salzburg, the Salzburg Festival, Arsonore Graz, La Côte Flute Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and so on. He is interested in various musical styles, in improvisation and in composition. The BR4 Classic radio station has broadcast several of his compositions for solo flute, which he both composed and performed. In 2022, he performed the premiere of his composition Icy Times for flute and piano at the Tampere Flute Fest gala concert in Finland. He considers it especially important to write for young people in order to foster their interest in music and to contribute in a small way to transforming the world into a better place to live.

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