Filippo Lombardi

10. květen 2022

Italian trumpeter Filippo Lombardi won 2nd place for his performance at Concertino Praga 2022.

Filippo Lombardi is studying the trumpet at the C. Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano. He has won prizes at a number of national and international competitions, including the International Competition for Young Instrumentalists in Povoletto or the Premio Crescendo competition, since the age of eleven.  He has also received the National Prize for trumpet playing. In November 2019, he participated in the fourth year of the Prodigy competition, which is broadcast in prime time by Italian public television. He was selected as part of the 2021 summer program for young people at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He has participated in master classes given by the most famous trumpeters, including Sergei Nakariakov, Stephen Burns, Friedemann Immer, Rex Richardson, Omar Tomasoni and Ruben Simeo.

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