The Florestan Trio

23. květen 2023

The four finalists of the chamber category Concertino Praga 2023 are joined by Trio Florestan.

The Florestan Trio consists of three young musicians: Marie Helling (violin), Anna Meipariani (violoncello) and Clara Mandler (piano). All three won first prizes at the 7th year of the Carl Bechstein Piano Competition in Berlin. They subsequently joined forces and began playing as a piano trio. All the performers, each of whom has also been exceptionally successful as a soloist, are defined by the intensive expressiveness of their musical performance and their unreserved wish to “create music”. They received first place with the highest number of points ever in the chamber music with a piano category at the Jugend musiziert national competition in 2022. In the same year, the trio of young musicians received the Bertold Hummel Special Prize for the best performance of a modern classical piece at the Wespe competition in Schwerin. In addition, the trio also participated in the renowned 67th JM International Chamber Music Campus at the Weikersheim Château, Germany in September 2022 and received the Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland scholarship.

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