Woodwind Instruments Quintet

10. listopad 2018

Woodwind Instruments Quintet z Ruskawas awarded 2nd price in Category Quintet. Other prices were not awarded.

Elisaveta Lenkina – flute (*2001)
Aglaia Golubeva – oboe (*2004)
Ksenia Melnik – clarinet (*2001)
Ivan Loktionov – bassoon (*2003)
Ivan Kukolev – French horn (*2003) 

Woodwind Instruments Quintet of the Gnessin Moscow Secondary Music School was organized in 2016. Its members are talented young musicians, laureates of various international and national competitions and festivals: Elisaveta Lenkina, Aglaia Golubeva, Ksenia Melnik, Ivan Loktionov and Ivan Kukolev. The quintet is taught by Alexander Posikera, a teacher of wind ensemble of the Gnessin Music School. 

The ensemble has already performed at more than twenty concerts and mastered a significant repertoire of works for wind quintet. In January 2017 the quintet won the 1st prize of the International Gnessin Competition in Moscow. 

The young Woodwind Instruments Quintet musicians are in the very beginning of their way to professional music. But it is important that they are united by their great interest in playing in a chamber ensemble. They all strongly desire to play in the best way possible and achieve even unattainable goals. They are good friends, they believe in themselves, and their love of music always helps them. 

source: Concertino Praga 2018
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